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Market Insights

2Q 2015 Market Insights
Almost seven years removed from one of the most violent market and economic downturns in history, we are constantly reminded that returning to a more “normal” environment is not easy or without obstacles. The massive support provided by the Federal Reserve in the wake of the financial crisis has diminished and the historically low interest rate environment appears to be coming to an end.

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1Q 2015 Market Insights
While several investment themes from 2014 continued into 2015, a few new ones surfaced with the potential to either help or complicate the landscape. An improving jobs picture, low interest rates and steady improvements in housing remain the foundation for solid economic growth going forward.

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4Q 2014 Market Insights
One constant in today’s uncertain environment is the economic link between the countries of the world. Issues affecting one country tend to ripple into others, which can cause both new opportunities and unintended consequences. A few global events during the fourth quarter illustrate this new reality...

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